USA oil and gas jobs

USA oil and gas jobs

USA oil and gas jobs

Are well-versed in the USA oil and gas job market and our Houston office helps us provide professional support from both sides of the Atlantic. Our team of expert recruiters focuses on the Greater Houston area, the Gulf of Mexico, and key geographies of the Texas shale play. We focus on jobs in the oil industry exploration and production, midstream and downstream. LNG, oilfield services, and manufacturing. Our core skills include discipline engineers, wells, and drilling. HSE, project management, and corporate roles. A full range of recruitment services is available through us. From executive search to direct hire. To permanent hire and contractor recruitment, management, and payroll. (Google Developer)


As the world’s main fuel sources, oil, and natural gas are significant. Industries in the energy sector have a considerable impact on the global economy. The processes and systems involved in the production. And distribution of oil and gas is complex and capital-intensive. And most sophisticated technology. , natural gas has tied to oil, because of the production process or business overhead. For most of the industry’s history. Natural gas seen as a nuisance and is still flared in large quantities in some parts of the world, including the United States. As noted above, shale gas development in the U.S. has led to natural gas playing. It has a more prominent role in the world’s energy supply and has lower greenhouse gas emissions when burned than oil and coal.

Oil and Gas Jobs in the USA The US

produces both oil and natural gas globally and is the world’s largest economic power, with a GDP of over $19tn. The oil and gas industry here continues to use innovative methods. And new technology an effort to get the most out of its oil and gas resources and needs the best available personnel to do this.  (Joni-info)
A visa required for jobs in the oil industry and for the long term. Housing within the U.S. there are many documents that cover specific sectors and different personal situations. Recruitment specialists at Petroplan can help clarify the process, but oil and gas roles. The USA continues to attract professionals who want to advance their careers in a rich. Exciting environment and appeals to a range of people for many reasons.

Affordable housing and a multicultural environment make it easy to settle here. While health care costs can in most cases covered by, or at least shared with, employers. To offer the best service possible, we take the time to understand the technical details of every oil industry job we manage. Including project managers, operations managers, commercial roles, and more. Our connections in the USA allow us to look beyond these standard requirements and we strive to ensure the perfect match with each location


Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (COPL) on March 16, 2021, COPL America Inc. (an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of COPL) announced the completion of its acquisition of Atomic Oil & Gas (LLC), including its wholly-owned subsidiary. Subsidiaries Pipeco LLC and Southwestern Production Corporation (SWP). Atom’s assets are located in the Powder River Basin in Converse County, Wyoming, USA. These assets consist primarily of three federal units: the Barren Flats (Shannon) Unit (58% WI), the Barren Flats (Deep) Unit (55.56% WI), and the Coal Creek Unit (66.7%). (jobs-in-USA)

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US Oil is a solutions-based business. our terminal assets, transportation logistics (pipeline, barge, rail, and truck). Commodity and supply trading teams. Addition to our wholesale, trade, and retail marketing capabilities. Provide our customers with a more narrow Can serve more than freelancers and faster than larger, more siled corporations.



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