The capital’s Clown Festival

The capital's Clown Festival

Capital Region Clown Arts Festival

You don’t have to be a clown to attend the Capital Region Clown Arts Festival! However, having an active interest in clown arts will help. There is no registration fee, but some content fees may apply. For more information and updates, or call 489-2680. (Major league fishing)

Montreal Clown Festival

The Montreal Clown Festival returns for its 6th edition, from September 29 to October 2 at the magnificent Gesù, in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles. Since 2016, the festival has proved to be an unforgettable annual cultural event. This year’s programming brings together clown shows and performers to “meet the moment” in Canada’s circus capital!

London Clown Festival Inaugural Cabaret, comedy review

As London has never actually hosted a clown festival? That’s the bold claim of this new event, which runs until next weekend. Even if there had been clown fairs before, certainly never in a semi-permanent tent set up in an old car park off Seven Sisters Road.
Despite, or perhaps because of, the tumultuous backdrop, opening night had a rough-and-tumble charm. The actors owed less to the red-nosed circus template and more to physical theatre, mime, and adult puppetry. Very mature. At one point he started comparing Boris and Sergei on stage. They are puppets, not individuals, I should add.
The evening was a tasting menu of clowns at their most unconventional. Opening duo The Establishment subverted the idea of ​​traditional Englishness, sports suits, and brollies while gently taunting the front row, accusing them of vague, unspecified crimes. (articalplus)

What are class clones?

Class Clowns is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s national youth development program.
Comprising a competition, workshop, and mentoring program, Class Clowns plays a valuable role in supporting the confidence and creativity of young Australians – a channel for self-expression, amplifying young voices and perspectives. A platform for, and a way to emerge. Australian talent.

London Clown Festival returns for 2022

London Clown Festival is a festival of physical comedy and clown-inspired contemporary performance, exploring what clowning means to modern performers and their audiences. Full of physical comedy and buffoonery, the London Clown Festival will once again bring the best of UK and international clowns to the capital.
Driving the rise of contemporary clowning, the London Clown Festival provides a performance platform for a multitude of talented performers specializing in clowning and physical performance. The 2022 festival program sees another exciting, inspiring, and eclectic mix of artists from countries around the world who embody the principles of this timeless art form.
The London Clown Festival has teamed up with Soho Theater for the 2022 festival, with all shows being presented at the Soho Theatre, Upstairs.
The London Clown Festival was founded in 2016 with the aim of sharing the joy and excitement of clowning with a wider audience and helping to expand the image of the clown in the public consciousness.

International Festival Clown Barrette

This festival brings some of the world’s leading clowns to Tenerife, while also supporting local companies and providing a space for beginners in the art of clowning. The shows, held in various indoor and outdoor venues, have a wonderfully human touch and engage Canarian audiences of all ages, who laugh, have fun and play with the guest artists year after year.

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London Clown Festival

The festival exists to promote the rise of contemporary clowning by providing a performance platform for a multitude of talented national and international artists. A hilarious line-up of talented groups and individuals who use everything they have, right down to their eyebrows, to make audiences howl with laughter.
Last year, the London Clown Festival booked performers who were winners and nominees for the Edinburgh 2017 Comedy Awards and are expecting the same contenders this time around.

Is Portland the Clown Capital of America?

Plus, Stumptown is still kicking, where inflation hurts the most, and the woman who shaped our local history.

Rumors of Portland’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. That’s not just opinion, it’s fact — Willamette Wake has the data to back it up. While downtown’s recovery has been somewhat anemic (and made worse by issues of crime and struggling citizens), events are almost back in full swing. TriMet is back to more than half of its pre-pandemic ridership. People are traveling nearly as many local miles in the early 2020s. The festivities are back. Portlanders lag the nation in restaurant bookings but are more willing to return to outdoor attractions like the zoo. Overall, the data is cause for cautious optimism. How we manage the upcoming months will determine a lot of things. (TechCrunchses)

We are feeling inflation like everywhere else.

While some prices have fallen, groceries have actually continued to outpace inflation, with food prices rising 11.4 percent even as headline inflation reached 8.3 percent. Digging into the local data, it’s not the only thing that’s increased—the statistics show that utilities, new cars, and meals at restaurants all increased by more than 10 percent.

Environmentalists are slamming a nominee for the state’s Transportation Commission.

They say Gov. Kate Brown’s pick, outgoing Oregon Sen. LeBear (D-Springfield), is the wrong man for the job given his moderate track record and support for Portland-area highway expansion. . For his part, Baer says he doesn’t understand the criticism given his experience passing environmental legislation in Salem. The governor has given no indication that she will withdraw Baer’s nomination.

Grab some free admission and pull some weeds this weekend on National Public Lands Day.

September 24 is a fee-free day, meaning entrance fees are waived on all federal public lands. your increases. With free parking, Crater Lake National Park or Mount St. Helens, if Tuesday’s newsletter got you excited about a track. Saturday is the nation’s largest single-day volunteer event, so be sure to check out volunteer events like trail work at Forest Park and ivy removal at Woods Memorial Park in Portland around Puddletown.

I play

The ancient craft of clowning is being celebrated at a local festival. Local clowns like Emily June Newton say the horror film’s stigma against the art form is unnecessary, featuring actors like silent film legend Charlie Chaplin and modern comedian Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean), who helped bring the physical comedy of the clown to a worldwide audience. .will be one of several artists taking the stage at Northwest Portland’s CoHo Theater during the CoHo Clown Festival. (Copyright Lawyer)

October’s ten-day Portland Film Festival will be the longest celebration ever. In the decade since the festival has focused on finding a permanent home to better fulfill its mission of connecting audiences with both films and filmmakers. While the historic Roseway Theater was once under consideration, an electrical fire severely damaged the building and PFF is considering a new construction instead, such as a German film house design that would match the films. in both sizes “created by people, not boardrooms”. Access Executive Director Josh Lake is looking to the public for help, saying “We don’t have a location, but we’re open to suggestions. We have a really good architect.”

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