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The nation’s leading men’s hair franchise is on a winning streak that won’t let up

If you’re looking for a path to financial freedom, a way out of the corporate world, and take control of your future? Investing in a Sports Clips franchise can offer a path to business ownership.
Founded in 1993, Sport Clips has grown to more than 1,800 locations in North America and was the first haircut franchise focused on men and boys to expand into all 50 states. As the first brand to specialize in men’s and boys’ haircuts, Sport Clips has become a dominant brand in the multi-billion dollar hair salon industry known for our championship haircut experience.
Sport Clips is a franchise opportunity that is difficult to rival. We have a long, proven track record of helping entrepreneurs achieve greater independence, a more flexible lifestyle, and a stronger foundation for the future. Our straightforward business model is designed for scale, offers great unit-level economics, and provides an essential service that wouldn’t exist automatically. Sports clips will remain popular as long as men have hair.
“SportClips is stronger than ever,” says Edward Logan, CEO of SportClips. “We have demonstrated that not only are we immune to recessions, but also to pandemics. It is a very stable business with stable cash flow and a straightforward business model. This is a great time to invest in SportClips as we head into 2022, we are excited about the great real estate opportunities that exist right now, as well as the disruption in client behavior. As people change their buying behavior and their habits, the brands that go out and capture these clients are going to win massive market share. It’s going to be us because we’re thinking that way.

Using our manager-style company model, you can continue doing your regular job.

One of the key benefits of franchising with Sport Clips is that you don’t have to quit your career – in fact, we’ll let you Insist that you keep your day job.
Our business model is unlike many other franchise concepts in that we encourage our team leaders to work in the business, not in it. You will hire a Store Manager who will oversee the day-to-day operations of your store, manage your stylists, and provide the championship haircut experience your customers expect and deserve.
Your main responsibility as an owner will be to provide support. You will be responsible for creating a family-like culture that empowers your team to do extraordinary work. By building an incredible team, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business, implementing marketing strategies, and taking care of back-end administrative duties. As a rule of thumb, we expect our team leaders to spend around 10-15 hours per week at our stores – that’s it.
In other words, owning a Sport Clips franchise is about as straightforward as a business can get.
Our team leaders are outstanding entrepreneurs, says Edward. “Very few of our team leaders have salon or beauty industry expertise, while it is not required. Our most effective team captains are close pals. We are all obviously wanting to make money because this is a business “I believe the most effective technique to decide if it’s the correct business for you is if you can be passionate about the business – or if it’s just going to be a spreadsheet. Our goal is to give men and boys a championship haircut experience in a thrilling sporting setting. If you’re passionate about it – we’re passionate about you.

Our business is for multi-unit ownership designed to

Allow our Team Leaders to rapidly grow multi-unit ownership.
We are proud that many Team Leaders are multi-unit operators and continue to reinvest in the brand. Indeed. , Sport Clips is home to several double-digit franchises with 10, 20, 30, and 40 stores open – with plans to continue expanding. With!
Jim Atkinson, vice president of franchise development, claims that Sports Clips was intended to be a multi-unit business from the beginning. hires a job.We do haircutting; it’s a really basic business idea. We have the capacity to expand up rapidly and effectively since our business model was designed to be scalable. We are aware of when you require more resources and when you should construct new infrastructure. Whether you want to scale to three stores, five stores, 10 stores, or beyond, we have a plan that can help you get there.”

Stability Trust Long-term growth.

Sport Clips in the industry. One of the highest franchise continuity rates. As a result, our franchise network continues to expand and our team leaders continue to run their respective companies.
Find Business Opportunities As an investor, this should be important to you. Our high franchise continuity rate means we offer stability, reliability, and long-term growth potential
,” says Gordon Logan, founder of SportClips”We’re closing 1,900 locations,” they declare. “We are aware that this enterprise is successful. We have been able to help entrepreneurs transform their lives through business ownership. In turn, they have been able to create countless opportunities in their communities and give back. We’ll continue to grow – but we’re growing the right way and with the right people.”

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How Sport Clips Became One of the Most Regarded Franchise Systems in the Country In

In the early nineties, men had very few options when it came to getting their hair cut. Neighborhood barbershops were disappearing, and there was no national brand that catered specifically to men’s and boys’ haircuts. In fact, men were invisible to the majority of the industry, and they went after a male customer base. It was considered a waste of time.

Where the majority of the industry saw nothing, Gordon Logan saw a huge opportunity.

Gordon founded SportClips in 1993 – opening a prototype store in Austin, Texas. An industry experiment. As Carr had been in the salon industry for decades, Gordon knew that by focusing solely on men’s and boys’ haircuts, he would be the fa and could take over what was a much less secure place.
“I’ve been in this industry since 1979,” says Gordon. I discovered in the early 1990s that no one was pursuing the men’s and boys’ markets, and I enjoyed playing where nobody else was. We realized that there was a real opportunity if we create a concept strictly for men and boys, create an environment where they feel comfortable, and then train our stylists on how to cut men’s hair. It turns out, that It’s been over 28 years and we’re just getting started.

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