Joel Joan and Ramon Madaula

Joel Joan and Ramon Madaula

Joel Joan and Ramon Madaula

Andorra la Vella and Sant Julià de Lòria present the poster of the 61st Joint Theater Season this Tuesday, an event that bets this time on national talent but once again the well-known Catalans. Performances by authors and artists are included as the case may be. By Ramon Madula and Joel John. The program of activities, as stated by the Lauridan Consul Minor and the Minister of Culture and Tourism Promotion, Miria Kodina and Mikul Cantori, respectively, will begin this October in the Lauridan Parish and conclude in January 2023 with a traditional ceremony on the same stage. Will be. Performances by Els Pastorets, presented again this year in a musical format.
Both corporations hope to maintain and strengthen the normal attendance figures, which are around 80% in both cases. As a novelty, the festival of clowns in the capital was not included in the program, an event which is now held every two years with the aim of giving it more prominence and parallel activities in the streets. To be completed.[Halibut]

Season Andorra la Vella

As explained by John Cortez, Head of the Community Culture Area, the performances will begin on October 27 at the Community Theater with the performance of ‘Toker Mare’, a play by actors. Directed by Jordi Casanovas, Lluïsa Castell and Georgina Later tells the story of the hope of a widow and childless woman who wants to experience what it means to be a mother. Those interested can purchase their tickets for all functions at a cost of 20 Euros.
On November 11, Communal will host ‘Buffalo Bill in Barcelona’, a show starring Ramon Madoula and TV3 journalist Raquel Sanz who will pay themselves to interview the legendary cowboy after his death. Thus, the two would travel together from the Great Plains of the Far West to Barcelona in the 19th century.


OF THE SEASON Renowned actor Joel John will return to the principality stages after nine years without doing so. This November it’s El Gran Comedian Xavi Mira, Anna Schon, Afrika Alonso, and Eduard Mantada, a comedy by the writers of Rome, who are trying their luck again after this great success. The Catalan actor, who will perform on the 24th at the Culver Auditorium in Saint Julia, is not the only familiar face in this 61st edition of the joint theater season between Andorra la Vella and Saint Julia de Lori. In this regard, the proposal of the well-known actor Ramón Madola, journalist, and TV3 on November 11 at the Teatre Comunal d’Andorra la Vella Buffalo Bill in Barcelona. “It’s an interesting proposal. We think it could be attractive and fun,” said John Curtis, area head of community culture. In total, thus, the season’s programming – presented with a budget of 20,000 euros – includes seven theater proposals that will take place between next Sunday – Trojan bills Pastorets. ENA’s national presence and the creation of Límits is a new product of the company in collaboration with all tickets for the shows –Alice Passports – are now on sale on both communes’ websites.[join info]

Organizers of the joint theater season also announced yesterday. That is the International Clown Festival (FIPA). Founded by Pippa Plana. Which held in the capital with the aim of promoting female talent in the world of comedy, will hold every two It will hold later in the year. The aim of the new formula, as detailed by Andorra la Vella councilor Mikul Cantori, is to finally come up with a proposal that is better. Thus, the next edition of the competition will held at the beginning of May 2023.

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Manrique, Broggi, Pou and Joel Joan in Monumental Mataró is

A land of good theater traditions and the Monumental Theater is clear proof of that. It’s been a while now since the number of fixed subscribers has exceeded 450 sets. Year after year the record is being broken in this regard. And the collection of the best and best trading cards of the Catalan scene, season by season, is a little better. The first part of this course’s programming is the most powerful of recent times and will be. Bring some of the most successful proposals of recent times to Mataró. Who Will Pass the Monument: Kemet band company, TD Teter performs a text by Pau Meru. And Ramon Madola directed by, the company Orion returns to a text Brogi by the duo Julian and Josep Maria Pau. Directed by In perspective, a true ‘Dream Team.
This year’s season called “Theatre and Commitment” because of this selection of programs. Aims to talk about different forms of commitment and to understand them. Meet and share things that happen every day. And as well, Consciousness, Thinking. Thinking, etc. The first show of the season will followed by ‘Sonoritats’, a dance and tap show by the Kemet band company. The second show of the season will be “Women Like Me” by Les TD Teeter. Directed and written by Pau Miro.  Company actress Caram Pulla explains that it is “a drama with humor and realism about the crisis of the 50s. With a kleptomaniac archaeologist, a biologist, an architect, and a teacher. are in a flat”. TD Teater is for the first time in the hands of a director and playwright at the same time as Pau Meru.[united taxi]

From Manrique to Brugi

On October 25, Barcelona will present one of the greatest hits of the Greek festival past, “La Partida,” directed by Julio Manrique. Patrick Marber’s play takes advantage of the poker game to talk about issues that go. Beyond the game and does so with a stellar cast led by Ramon Madaula, Andreu Benito, and Joan Carreras. The fourth show of the season is “Cell” by Wajid Moawad, author of “Fires”, directed by Oriol Brogi. Brogi’s staging is very different from what the Barcelona director used to. As he has chosen to work with different audiovisual resources.
Well, before Barcelona.

Well, before Barcelona the

“Theatre and Commitment” season will close on November 23 with “Prender Part”, directed by Josep M. Povo. In this work by Ronald Harwood and with Joel John and Josep M. Pove leading the cast. The director takes the audience to Berlin in 1946 to tell a story based on true events. “Taking Sides” reflects the attitude of Wilhelm Furtwang, one of the best German conductors of his generation, towards Nazism. The work can be seen in Mataro before Barcelona, ​​where it will be in season.


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