Job Opportunities after Studying in UK

Job Opportunities after Studying in UK

Job opportunities after studying in the UK

The UK is the world’s sixth-largest economy with a working population of 32.4 million people. The country has an employment rate of over 75%, which is why many international students plan to return to the UK after their studies. According to figures provided by HESA. More than 538,000 ambitious international students are part of the UK education system as of 2019-20.  India is actually the second top country from which students enroll in UK higher education institutions. Job Opportunities after Studying in the UK
If you are looking for job opportunities in the UK for Indian students, you have come to the right place.  Fasten your seat belts because you’re about to find out every detail about the job. Opportunities for international students in the UK and stick right to the end of this guide! (Joni-info)


Students from other countries may work in the UK.

Before we explore job opportunities for international students in the UK. Let’s understand whether foreign students are eligible for work after studying in the UK or not. Yes, they are!
as you need a Tier 4 student visa to study in the UK, You must apply for a Tier 2 (General). Work visa to stay in the UK and gain qualifying employment with an approved employer. If you intend to set up a business in the UK you will need to apply for a Tier 1 visa. You have 5 years until your work permit expires to plan your future and settle permanently in the UK.

Post Masters Job Opportunities in the UK: High Demand Courses in the UK.

Now that we know that international students are eligible to work in the UK, let’s see what the top sectors are. Let’s take a look at the most in-demand courses in the UK, along with degree requirements, average salaries, and major employers:


Gave the UK provides state-of-the-art facilities for students to study engineering.  As one of the world’s top destinations to study engineering. You’ll have the opportunity to undertake extensive research. And learn with hands-on training that prepares you for the job market.

Health care.

GaveThe UK is known for its top-notch healthcare system. Healthcare professionals are in demand across the UK and you can expect to be rewarded for your services. The responsibility attached to this profession and the intensity of the programs in this field are high and must a lot of dedication.  (on-hold)

Human Resources (HR).

HR professionals are in demand across all sectors making it a popular profession to look for post-MS jobs in the UK.

Accountancy and Finance.

Whether small or big, every company needs professionals who can take care of its finances. Therefore, accounting and finance are one of the most sought-after professions in the UK for international students with ample employment opportunities.

Marketing and Sales.

Competition for jobs in the marketing and sales field is quite high. There is wide scope in this field and you can expect financial rewards, and job satisfaction as well as opportunities for advancement.

Computer Science and Information Technology.

If you are into the world of technology, jobs in the IT sector can be the right place for you to start your career. The UK is home to some of the world’s leading technology institutes which means you have a high chance of getting jobs in the UK after your MS. (articalplus)

Advertising and PR.

In the era of social media, one of the UK’s fastest-growing industries is an advertising and public relations. Every company looks for a qualified individual. Who can manage their public relations, and communications? And advertising resulting in employment opportunities for international students after MS or MA in the UK.


Jobs in the education sector in the UK are not only limited to teaching but also beyond. As a welfare officer, career advisor, counselor, academic consultant, education officer, etc., you can find employment.


A postgraduate degree in law can help you take your knowledge and understanding of legal principles to the next level. If you interested in the legal field. Try to find internships with law firms while studying as this can help you get an edge over other candidates when looking for a job.

Art and Design.

There is a wide scope in the field of art and design in the UK. You can join a variety of professions like animation. Game design, fashion design, product design. Graphic design, fine arts, jewelry design, photography, etc. (jobs-in-USA)

The most in-demand occupations in the UK and how much they pay.

Skilled workers in the UK are eligible to receive a minimum wage for the type of work they do. This minimum salary will be the highest of the 3 options given below.

.25,600 GBP on average every year

.10.10 GBP, at least, per hour

.The going rate for a position similar to yours



see more…assistant-principal

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