How to discover student loans

How to discover student loans

Discover student loans



At Akhuwat, we have always emphasized education as a proven way for the poor to improve their situation. When people get the education, training and skills they need to earn a living, they can lift themselves out of poverty.
We provide student loans for deserving students who have excellent academic results but lack the financial resources to continue their studies. Borrowers use our loans for various expenses related to their studies. This includes payment of tuition, registration and/or examination fees; as well as the purchase of books, uniforms and other school supplies. How to discover student loans. The education loan cap is £250.


Diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis and diabetes are common in disadvantaged communities. Most of them are treatable or manageable with proper care, but if left untreated they can be fatal.
Akhuwat provides health loans to needy people who are ill but cannot afford medical care. Our health loans have enabled more than half a million people in Pakistan to receive free or subsidised treatment. She has helped improve the well-being of those in need and in many cases even saved lives.


Many of the poor in Pakistan live in shabby houses and in extremely poor and overcrowded conditions. They are often exposed to the weather in their own four walls or do not have access to adequate sanitary facilities. These people have no way of saving money to renovate their houses because their income is barely enough to survive. To improve their living conditions, Akhuwat provides home loans. They can use it to repair roofs and walls, build new rooms and/or improve sanitary facilities.
When evaluating home loan applications, our teams ensure that the proposed renovation is warranted and necessary for the borrower’s well-being. The money lent varies from £300 to £700 and borrowers typically repay the amount within two years.


Wedding expenses remain a major responsibility for parents in Pakistani society. Poor families often have difficulty raising the necessary funds for marriages and dowries. Over the years, many people from the disadvantaged communities we work with have expressed their need for financial support for their daughters to get married. Realizing that this was a common problem, Akhuwat introduced the marriage loan. We offer wedding loans up to a maximum of £200.


At Akhuwat, we provide family business loans to family businesses and other small businesses. To date, thousands of self-employed use our loans to improve their business, increase production or start new businesses. Borrowers used the funds to buy inventory or equipment or to modernize their workshops or workspaces. Since our inception in 2001, most of the family business loans we have made have been repaid on time or sooner.


Escape loans help people pay off loans with exorbitant interest rates, often from unscrupulous lenders. In Pakistan, the culture of informal moneylenders known as banyas is widespread. Many poor people who are forced to borrow money from such lenders find themselves in a continuous cycle of debt as they struggle to repay interest rates that often reach 1000%! Years later, the principal remains intact and the credit that was supposed to help them becomes a yoke they cannot lift. How to discover student loans
With forgiveness loans, we settle the outstanding balance (interest and all) with the lender and relieve the debtor of debt. The debtor can then repay Akhuwat in affordable monthly instalments without interest on the building works.


In Akhuwat, we provide agricultural loans to subsistence or small farmers, as well as to sharecroppers who work their owners’ plots. The loans enable farmers to buy equipment, seeds and fertilizers or to cover other agricultural expenses. With the funds they can invest in their fields, farmers can increase their yields. They repay their loans to Akhuwat in easy monthly instalments.


Emergencies and unforeseen events affect us all at some point. For poor families with little or no savings to absorb the shock, this is a time of crisis. At Akhuwat, we provide emergency loans during these times when people in need face crises that threaten their lives or livelihoods. How to discover student loans
Emergency loans are commonly used to cover loss of business, healthcare expenses, machine or automobile repairs, livestock veterinary expenses, etc.

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