How much money does an Amazon data scientist make?

How much money does an Amazon data scientist make?

How much money does an Amazon data scientist make?

One of the most data-driven businesses in the world is Amazon. From its primary retail endeavor to its production and streaming services for entertainment, virtual assistant Alexa, hardware division, cloud services division, and subsidiaries like Whole Foods Foods, Zappos, and Audible, Amazon is a data generating and data collecting organization. The giant relies heavily on data scientists to make sense of the information it collects. (citrodiv)
It’s no surprise that its data scientists are well compensated. The average base salary for an Amazon data scientist is $127,000, with cash bonuses and stock options bringing total compensation to around $185,000, according to The Salary Project. And while Amazon is known for being more affordable than competitors like Facebook and Apple when it comes to job opportunities, a big part of its appeal is the promise of working on such products and services. which directly affects millions of users worldwide.
Dubbed both the “sexiest” and “hottest” job of the 21st century by the Harvard Business Review and Bloomberg, data scientists are in high demand in the United States—and with that, they’re even more. Looking at salaries. Read on to know more about Amazon’s data scientist salaries. How much money does an Amazon data scientist make?

What various tasks are carried out by data scientists at Amazon?

AmazonData scientists Perform different functions depending on the team they join. Although the projects they work on may be very different, the company’s data scientists have a number of commonalities.
v He is proficient in programming and scripting languages ​​such as Python, SQL, and Java, and has expertise in data analytics and statistical analysis. Finally, they are familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning methods.
Within each team at Amazon, there is room for specialization. For example:

  • Data scientists working on Alexa A Ph.D. may be required as specialized knowledge of natural language processing and information retrieval to train AI to process and understand verbal commands in multiple languages.
  • OData science Specialist working on demand forecasting Forecasting demand for the more than 190 million products sold on worldwide requires developing sophisticated algorithms using large amounts of data such as prices, promotions, similar products, and product features. Learning is involved.
  • As an Amazon Web Services data scientist By building ML models, AWS will help customers meet their business needs.(computer-and-information)

Recent job postings show that collaboration with data engineers, software engineers, information architects, designers, and marketers is also a big part of the Amazon data scientist role.

Salary Level for Data Scientists at Amazon

The years of experience, level of competence, educational background, and geographic region all affect the average income range for Amazon data scientists. Average total compensation can also vary greatly depending on whether one is eligible for annual bonuses or stock grants.

Amazon uses a leveling system to decide on pay and promotions, just like many other IT firms. While the company does not publicly share details of the system, Former and current employees have noted. The letter “L” combined with a number indicates the level of data scientists within the company.

  • Interns: Amazon interns are among the highest paid in the industry and earn $7,725/month during a summer internship, according to a glass door. Interns also receive additional benefits such as a housing stipend and subsidized public transit.
  • L4: Typical of entry-level data scientists, L4s typically hold an undergraduate degree and have less than four years of experience.
  • L5: A mid-level data scientist, L5s may also hold the title of Data Scientist II. They usually have four to seven years of experience. (articalplus)
  • L6: A senior data science role Many data scientists with advanced degrees such as PhDs begin their careers at L6. This level also includes many managers.
  • L7: Considered principal data scientists, L7 candidates typically have a decade or more of experience and have managerial responsibilities.

Benefits on Amazon

The following benefits are also provided to Amazon employees in addition to their large base pay and bonuses: Benefits:

  • Full coverage health insurance
  • A 401K plan with matching contributions
  • six weeks of parental leave; Birth mothers receive four weeks prenatal and ten weeks postpartum.
  • Adoption Assistance, with a $5,000 reimbursement of child adoption expenses
  • Employee Discounts for
  • Free consultation services and referrals
  • Low-cost house, renters, auto, and pet insurance rates
  • Flexible Health and Dependent Care Spending Accounts
  • Benefits of Infertility

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