Government and majority groups freeze wages in 2023

Government and majority groups freeze wages in 2023

Government and majority groups freeze wages in 2023

Minimum wages across the country will rise in the new year – if they haven’t already. While such changes may not be a problem for companies that have already increased wages to try to capture and retain employees, the breadth and variety of minimum wage adjustments will affect HR professionals. May cause headaches in individuals.
“Most clients will either comply with the applicable minimum wage or the highest in the jurisdiction you operate in and that is the floor at your company,” Charles McDonald, Ogletree Deakins’ A shareholder and co-chair of the firm’s wage and hour practice group in the Greenville office told HR Dive. Government and majority groups freeze wages in 2023

State Minimum Wage Status

Nearly half of U.S. states raised their minimum wages for hourly workers as of Jan. 1, and at least 13 states will raise wages in the new year, according to Paycor. , many of which will take effect on January 1, 2023.
But HR professionals can’t look at state numbers alone when determining what to pay workers because those numbers don’t account for city and county minimum wages, which can be higher than states require. Especially if they are linked to the Consumer Price Index. . For example, Denver, Seattle and others will raise their minimum wages at the start of the new year.
McDonald said it can be nearly impossible for a single person or company to keep track of each municipality’s minimum wage because there is “no beginning and no end” to the changes. But at least at the state level, many changes are already ripe for the next few years. Hawaii, for example, raised its minimum wage to $12 an hour on October 1 of this year, up from $10.10 an hour. Starting January 1, 2024, it will go up to $14 an hour, then increase by $2 an hour every two years until it reaches $18 an hour on January 1, 2028. MacDonald said that the least it will do is reduce. “The minimum wage is never going to go down in any state, but it could stay,” he said

Minimum Wage in All Jurisdictions

HR professionals have two options when trying to align each employee with each city, county, and state minimum wage. They can either comply in each municipality, or take the maximum minimum wage from all the municipalities in which the company operates, and apply it to each one.
McDonald’s compares this to sick leave compliance, which can also vary by municipality, and is difficult to determine if an employee works in more than one location. “It’s simpler to call you a paid sick leave person if you’re functioning in a hybrid paradigm of paid sick leave and unpaid sick leave counties,” he said. “Most clients simply do it since it requires less administration,”

At least in the future of work

At the same time as workers are pushing for higher wages, remote and hybrid work is also changing the perception of who works where. A company moving its headquarters to a state with a lower cost of living (and minimum wage) is less attractive if the workforce is more dispersed. This idea of ​​shifting work to locations to change the cost structure is a less reliable tool in the new world of work, Burton said.
Instead, employers may have to focus elsewhere. The hourly wage will not be as effective a weapon to compete as if everyone had to boost [wages] due to the increased level of competition among compensated professionals, he claimed. Companies must use a lot of creativity when it comes to scheduling and other perks.

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Agreement on public sector salaries for 2022 and 2023

Government and public sector unions sign signed on. The contract will increase. Salaries and meal allowance of public sector employees, including change of annual leave. paid to those working in Grade 50 and below. “The government has responded to the negative conditions in society at the moment and recognized them in the agreement. including price increases and inflation.” Sanja Ajanovic Honk. Head of the government’s negotiating team and Minister of Public Administration, said after the signing.  The cost of borrowing has increased. This includes the most vulnerable people in the public sector. I am very pleased that the majority of union representatives signed the agreement today, which is a step forward. The government has not left out the weakest and this is clear in the agreement.
The minister added that after signing the agreement and binding on collective agreements, the negotiating parties are committed to systemic changes in the payment system. Agreed to immediately begin negotiations on the future of the public sector pay system and to agree a new broader social contract by June 30 at the latest, under which minimum wage The question of reconsideration will also be at the fore.”

The detailed agreement

Will increase the value of pay grades by 4.5 percent from October 1. Public sector employees will see the increase for the first time when October salaries are paid in November. The majority of public sector employees will see their salaries increase again, by one pay grade on 1 April 2023, which will represent an increase of around 4%.
The agreement also specifies a higher food allowance, which will rise from the current €4.94 to €6.15 a day. Government employees who have already received annual leave allowance for the year will be entitled to the higher allowance, which is determined according to the pay grade of the employee, with employees lower in the pay scale getting more.

Salary and allowances

At 4.6 percent, a 2023 salary increase in 20 years, and in accordance with the President’s budget request. On top of that, the NDAA authorizes the Department of Defense to add an more 2 percent to the basic allowance for housing payments. BAH tariffs for 2023 have not yet made public. The bill would introduce a new Basic Needs Allowance, which would supplement. The pay of junior service members with large families. Initial BNA legislation authorized payments to service. Members whose gross family income was up to 130 percent of the federal. Poverty level based on family size.150 percent or more of the federal poverty level.  To receive a supplement, members must apply.

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