Concordia supports Thursday’s demonstration

Concordia supports Thursday's demonstration


Concordia strives to encourage civility and fair treatment among all of the Wikipedia community Wikiholic to WikiGnome. The project was designed to foster a friendly and supportive environment to help Wikipedians who experience rudeness, hostility, or persistent disrespect. Concordia’s goal is to define the five pillars that guide Wikipedia’s character and culture. Concordia supports Thursday’s demonstration. (Amazon Data Scientist Salary)

Our goal

Our goal, quite simply, is to civilize so that Wikipedians can express their opinions in an appropriate manner. We hope to foster civility within the community to make Wikipedia a great place to work. We believe that the importance of civil interaction in the interaction of all Wikipedians is sufficient to justify the attention given to it by an organization such as this.


Support Students can get support from the International Office in a variety of ways. The International Office is the main resource on campus for international students with an array of student support including immigration and settlement support.
The International Office is the only department that can assist students with immigration matters. Persons who do not hold RISIA or RCIC designation are not authorized to provide immigration advice. The International Office currently has a designated RISIA official on staff. Designated RISIA officials at the University do not act as student representatives on immigration-related matters but can assist by providing general advice and guidance.
Students can also find settlement assistance and information on navigating life in Canada. The International Office can help with questions on a variety of topics such as obtaining a social insurance number, how to file taxes, how to use the Edmonton transit system, and how to open a bank account. (articalplus)

Concordia ecosystem

A cybersecurity competence network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competence, CONCORDIA provides excellence and leadership in technology, processes, and services to establish a user-oriented EU-integrated cybersecurity ecosystem for digital sovereignty in Europe.

Friesenhahn Cave

One of the most prized properties of Concordia University Texas is the famous Friesenhan Cave in San Antonio.
Much work has been published about early research at Friesenhahn Cave, and at least one publication has identified the site as “one of the most important paleontological sites in the United States” (Wenney, 1988). Other than the La Brea Tar Pits, no other site in the United States is believed to have yielded a greater variety of important Pleistocene vertebrate fossils.
Excavated 40 years ago by the University of Texas at Austin, Friesenhahn Cave has yielded more than 4,000 isolated teeth and bones from more than 30 species of Ice Age mammals, reptiles, and birds. particular note Geochelone Wilson is the recently discovered species of (Milstead, 1956). Also notable are the saber-toothed cat Homotherium cereus and a long-nosed Mylohyus nasutus, which were excavated from the site in the 1950s. The University of Texas Memorial Museum and their Excavation Bulletins 1 and 2 Museum (Lundelius, 1960) (Evans and Meade, 1961). (Joni-info)


Mass expression of political public sentiment: popular celebration, anger, presentation of political demands, or protest (some kind of march or meeting).
Before the victory of the socialist system, the political demonstration was a form of a revolutionary struggle between the proletariat and working people. The development of the revolutionary movement was accompanied by political demonstrations. They were already a widespread phenomenon during the period of bourgeois revolutions of the 17th and 18th centuries, especially in the years of the Great French Revolution of 1789-94. In the 19th century, political demonstration became an important form of political struggle for the working class. Great political demonstrations took place during the English workers’ struggle for electoral reform, the Leonweavers’ Rebellion of 1831,

Ideas on Designing Demonstration in Physics Education Program

The aim of this study is to explain the perception of pre-service teachers when towards teachers. The process of learning physics by designing demonstrations using 25 Research samples on pre-service physics teachers. The research method is descriptive method. The research instrument uses an observation sheet and an interview format. Observations show that 51% of pre-service teachers can design demonstrations through analysis of laboratory activities in schools to get ideas for demonstrations, 34% of prospective teachers can design demonstrations through project tasks, and 37% Based on initial information about the protests. Students’ ideas include literature studies of physical materials, literature studies on experiments, natural phenomena, and everyday life experiences through low category and frequency levels. These results indicate that instruction in physics lab studies leads pre-service teachers to gain a more scientific understanding of designing phenomena.

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In Defense of Classroom Science Demonstration

Science demonstrations are often criticized for their passive nature. Their gratuitous exploitation, and their limited ability to promote scientific knowledge and understanding. The purpose of this article is to present a strong defense of the use of demonstrations in the classroom by pointing. Out some of their unique and powerful benefits – practical, effective, and academic.

Demonstration of science is flourishing in informal science education. Demonstrations feature strongly in popular science television programs. Science Demo Theater productions have toured the UK. Steve Spangler’s demonstrations have been honored with his own YouTube original content channel. The protests are even creeping into popular culture. In the world’s first viral demo. Over 100 million people watched the explosive and beautiful results of two actors pouring 500. Mentos minutes into 100 Diet Coke bottles. ¬†However, the demonstration of science in the classroom appears to be in jeopardy.

Authentic, Concrete, and Memorable Demonstrations

Demonstrations must clearly and convincingly demonstrate authentic manifestations. Its value cannot be underestimated. The motto of the Royal Society encapsulates one of the cornerstones of the way science works, “nullius in Verba” – loosely translated as “take no one’s word for it”. Demonstrations can help students observe phenomena with their own eyes. Sadly, however, it’s not always straightforward to let them see exactly what you want them to see. (On Hold)

Developing Scientific Thinking Skills

Also, it shows how important the undervalued skill of observation is in science. Demonstrations can also allow you to illustrate. Models of scientific thinking and the scientific method. The high degree of control you have during the demonstration allows you to speak your thoughts out loud. And ask questions as you work through the various stages and problems of the “experiment.” It is more realistic to deconstruct these complex skills through a demonstration than. To expect students to somehow distill them when they excited to make their pseudo-experiments “work.” And will get stuck in the distraction.

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