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For general contractors, Building Connected simplifies the pre-construction procedure. One of the most important aspects of the service we provide is the capability to develop projects and send invitations to bid. The number of bids presented to a general contractor depends on the specifics of the project. Because of this, we have developed best practices for general contractors to follow while creating projects in Building Connected.

To learn how to establish projects, invite bidders, and publish projects, please refer to the “Projects” section of our help center.

Project specifics

To acquire the most accurate price from bids, fill out the “Information” page of the job with as much information as you can. Additionally, we advise general contractors to complete the “Private Information” area for all projects. Building Connected keeps note of the information you input in the “Private Information” area and uses it to give your organization more precise reports.

In the “Information” and “Private Information” tabs of the project depicted in the example below, the general contractors have entered as much information as they are able to.

In the aforementioned illustration, the general contractor encourages the subcontractors to submit their proposals through Building Connected by referencing the project description. Any invited subcontractor who does not yet have a Building Connected account is given guidance by the general contractor on how to do so. The number of bids submitted through our site can be greatly increased by including these kinds of guidelines in the project description.

Lastly, if there are any details that cannot be input at the start of the project, kindly add them as soon as they become available. For instructions on how to modify project details after a project has been published, click here

Project group.

It is crucial that the project is accessible to the proper coworkers, partners, or consultants. As a best practice, we advise assigning team members, project leads, and bid package lead prior to the publication of a project. Learn how to add team members to your project by referring to the guidelines in this article.

Additionally, before the project published, appoint leads for the bid package. Bid package leads should assigned first since they are the ones who appear as inviters. For details on the distinctions between project and bid package leads, please visit here. Users of BC Pro can also find instructions for assigning bid package leads here.

It is crucial to verify each project team member’s notification settings in addition to inviting suitable coworkers to the team.

Start from the project’s “Team” tab to update a team member’s notification preferences. Click the “Actions” drop-down option after finding the name of the team member whose preferences you want to change. “Edit notification settings” should be clicked.

Files for the project and bid packages

Upload the project and bid package files when necessary team. Members have added to the project and the necessary project information has entered.
General contractors have the option to establish folders on Building Connected to assist manage uploaded files. For information on how to upload project files, go here. You may find instructions for uploading bid package files here.
Further information regarding project and bid package files is available here, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Monitoring and tagging internal projects

We advise general contractors to select a certain approach to employ when allocating project and bid package numbers in order to assist keep your projects structured and simple to discover in Building Connected. The most important thing is that project numbers applied throughout the whole organization. There is no right or recommended way to number projects.

The general contractor employs escalating numerals in the example below, followed by the client’s short name. The general contractor can arrange projects. According to the sequence in which requests for bids issued thanks to this practice.

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Outside of Building Connected, submitted bids

We strongly advise general contractors to enter all proposals received by email, fax, or phone from subcontractors into BuildingConnected. By taking this action, bids can centralize, precise bid history data can obtained, and BC Pro users can analyze the data (bid leveling).

For instructions on adding proposals on behalf of subcontractors, please go here. By following these guidelines, BC Pro subscribers can utilize our Proposal Viewer to submit bids on behalf of subcontractors.

Outlook and Terms for Business

The purchase won’t materially affect the fourth-quarter and fiscal-year 2019 guidance provided by Autodesk on November 20, 2018. Autodesk anticipates a little revenue and Annualized Recurring Revenue (ARR) gain from BuildingConnected for the 2020 fiscal year, as well as a minimally negative impact on profitability and cash flow. Even after the sale, the business is still on track to meet its annual free cash flow target.

Safe Harbor Declaration

The following forward-looking statements in this press release involve risks and uncertainties: the effect of the acquisition on Autodesk’s business performance and guidance from November 20, 2018; the effect of the transaction on the customers, partners, and product and service capabilities of Autodesk and BuildingConnected; and Autodesk’s plans to enhance construction workflows and develop a digital market for the global construction industry.

The following variables could materially affect actual results: Autodesk’s ability to successfully integrate BuildingConnected’s business; whether the construction industry grows as predicted; the competitive landscape in the construction industry and competitive reactions to the acquisition; Autodesk and BuildingConnected’s success in creating new products or modifying existing products; and the degree to which these gain market acceptance.

Concerning BuildingConnected

BuildingConnected is a well-known preconstruction platform that enables general contractors and property owners to select suitable subcontractors for their jobs. The goal of BuildingConnected is to enrich the lives, careers, and relationships of millions of dedicated construction professionals around the world by connecting every business in the $10 trillion construction sector. BuildingConnected’s tools are fostering community cohesion and assisting cities in growing, from the new venues for the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Rams to nearby schools and hospitals.

Re: Autodesk

Software produced by Autodesk for those who create things. If you’ve ever used a smartphone, admired a tall skyscraper, driving a high-performance automobile, or enjoyed a wonderful movie, the chances are good that you’ve used the software that millions of Autodesk customers use every day. You have the ability to create anything with Autodesk.

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