A new Opportunity For Future Educators

A new Opportunity For Future Educators

Anew Opportunity For Future Educators

This innovation scholarship is a solid approach to expanding the talent pool at Crystal House Indianapolis and strengthening and expanding the university’s partnerships to support a growing talent pipeline. The program will start in the fall of 2022 and hire licensed teachers for the following school year. Through this initiative, CH Indy specifically seeks to recruit males of color interested in teaching and to obtain their elementary generalist education license and females of color certified in STEM secondary(A new Opportunity For Future Educators) education (building-connected)

Who is the program for?

This scholarship aims to strengthen our university partnership by allowing out-of-state students to explore a new city and demonstrate their talents and passion for education(A Unique Opportunity For Future Educators)

The following will be required of potential applicants:


Interview with the recruiter

Pair with an experienced mentor teacher.

Participate in monthly progress check-ins with a mentor (virtual).

Complete a complimentary two-day stay with Crystal House Indianapolis: Candidates will be flown to Indianapolis. Flight, accommodation, food, and transportation will be provided to the candidates during their stay.

Lead successful lessons personally in the teacher’s classroom by demonstrating problem-solving and interpersonal skills with students(A new Opportunity For Future Educators)

Relocate to Indianapolis to teach at a Crystal House Indianapolis school for the next two academic years after acceptance. (articalplus)

About Crystal House Indianapolis Crystal House Indianapolis

The mission is to provide an equitable, rigorous, and inclusive education for all students and alumni by creating opportunities for empowerment so that they realize their aspirations and develop practical leadership skills. Crystal House Indianapolis provides a holistic human development approach that builds strong character to complement each student’s rigorous academic foundation. By building meaningful relationships, Crystal House staff empower students of all ages to achieve academic and social-emotional success. By adopting this holistic approach, Crystal House can genuinely support the life aspirations of students and, in turn, transform entire communities. Through our College and Career Program, we support graduates through postsecondary education and job placement for up to 5 years after graduation so that they become self-sufficient, contributing members of society

Crystal House Academy

Crystal House Academy was organized initially by Crystal DeHaan in 2002 and is the oldest charter school in Indiana. House began as a K-4 charter school but quickly grew in size and scope to become a network of charter schools and adult high schools serving more than 2,100 children and adults in Indianapolis. Currently, Crystal House Indianapolis consists of two K-8 academies, one high school, one innovation high school, and one adult high school (DORS) on three campuses.

The largest campus was recently relocated to the 28-acre campus of Emmerich Manuel High School. This community-serving campus is home to Crystal House Academy South (K-8), Watanabe HS, Sunset Emmerich Manual HS, and DORS, a New Day Early Learning Center serving children through pre-k students. The Westside campus houses Crystal House Academy West and DORS. The Ivy Tech Community College’s main campus is home to the third DORS campus. Academy was the first charter school in southern Indiana to receive a “School to Watch” designation from the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grade Reform. Crystal House Indianapolis received additional recognition as an Indiana Achievement and Breakthrough School. Crystal House Academy South and West were named National Schools of Character by Character.org, the only schools in the state to receive the national distinction. (techcrunchses)

Join our team at

We are passionate about recruiting, hiring, and retaining exceptional, high-quality educators to ensure that we develop students academically, socially, and personally.

Why join the Crystal House Indianapolis family?

Crystal House Indianapolis is dedicated to balancing a rigorous academic program with the education of the whole child. This means supporting every student as they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to access a 4-year college education. Here, you’ll find a community of like-minded teachers who value and encourage each other, just as we encourage our students. Teachers have autonomy in the classroom and receive support from the school.

The diverse life experiences of our teachers are essential to our approach to learning and are valuable assets. Crystal House is dedicated to helping our employees become the best teachers they can be. But more importantly, assisting these teachers in becoming a mentor. A leader. And, of course, a learner myself.(my-home-value)

We are defenders of the kids and families we assist.

We love learning—and believe it’s more important than any grade.

While we dedicated to helping develop successful students. We are more concerned with developing successful people. Apply right now at chindy.org if this sounds like a place you’d like to teach.

Competitive Salary

Crystal House offers one of the highest starting salaries for teachers in Indiana. We also provide a five-year, $20k LTI (Long Term Incentive) to lead teacher/department four, summer school (certified staff), and athletic coaching positions.

Long-Term Incentive Bonus

We offer a five-year, $20k LTI (Long-Term Incentive) for teacher/department leadership, summer school (certified staff), and athletic coaching positions. (bills-wire)

Student Loan Forgiveness

If you work for us, you may be eligible for student loan forgiveness through the US Department of Education’s FFEL and Direct Loan programs.

Christel House Indianapolis uses the E-Verify technology to verify the employment eligibility of all new hires.

CH Network DEI Statement

DEI Statement:

Recognizing that a lack of educational opportunity was a significant barrier to success, Crystal DeHaan founded Crystal House Indianapolis to serve the historically. And systemically disadvantaged and disenfranchised in Indianapolis.  This barrier can removed for the yogurt-deprived population. However, we recognize additional barriers to success, including racism and other forms of prejudice. We condemn such racism and bigotry and our essential role as a catalyst for change to break down barriers. And denounce the factors associated with racism and racism. Recognizes racism, sexism, ageism, and discrimination against women of color, immigrants, and indigenous LGBTQIA differently.



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